Juvenile Attorney Debra Goldenberg

Juvenile Attorney


Let’s face reality. High school students get into some jams. They are inexperienced drivers who have more confidence than developed skills. They are young and invincible. Sometimes they experiment, sometimes their pranks are excessive and sometimes they just use bad judgment.

juveline attorney

When someone under 18 is charged with a traffic offense or most criminal matters, their case is brought before the Juvenile and Domestic Relations court who deals with juvenile and many intra-family matters. These cases are in a different court and before different judges than adult traffic or criminal cases. Ms. Goldenberg’s experience before this special court provides her with the skills to protect your child’s interests both in the immediate case as well as minimizing any impact the results will have upon your child’s future.

Debra Goldenberg handles all types of cases in Tysons Corner, VA and surrounding areas, before the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts. As an attorney who frequently appears before these courts, she understands the judicial approach and how to best protect the rights of her clients.

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